About CElliottUK


When I interview people to work for me, I always ask them "What are you famous for?" I'll try and answer that question about me...

I wave my arms around a lot

Yep, that's it, that's what I'm famous for, but perhaps a bit more detail might help.
I'm one of those despicable management consultants, and whenever it comes to the part where I'm recommending a course of action, rather than soberly sitting down and grinding through a 100 slide PowerPoint deck, I'll be at the front standing up, waving my arms, being enthusiastic. Some people like the style, many do not.

I also love explaining stuff to buddies in the pub. Hmm, buddies+waving arms+pints of beer= spilt beer, not so good.

I also do a written blog which I've now merged with my web-site