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You want it out when? - 2

Posted by
CElliottUK (Reading, United Kingdom) on 25 July 2010 in Landscape & Rural and Portfolio.

Before the days of pumps, how do you get water to go uphill? You build a lock. But how do you get it to go up 237 feet? You build 29 locks.
This is a section of 16 locks at Caen hill on the Kennet and Avon canal. Built by John Rennie in the early 1820's, it fell into disuse in the 1940's. It has since been refurbished, and is in daily use.
In case you were wondering, it takes 6 hours to navigate this lock ladder-take a good book with you!

Bettina from Los Angeles, United States

Great shot! I love the stacking image and the story to go with it. This is a great concept. How things work is always fascinating.

25 Jul 2010 5:53am

@Bettina: To be honest, it's a classic "Tourist shot"-No points for orginality, but to me, it's the story that makes it.

Calusarus from St Sorlin en Valloire, France

Unbelievable perspective. Very nice shot

25 Jul 2010 6:20am

@Calusarus: Thankyou

Catherine from Seoul, South Korea

Great shot and I like how you get a feel for size with the people in it. Thanks for the explanation of what these are -no idea otherwise.

25 Jul 2010 7:06am

@Catherine: Hah! Yes, it's not obvious what it is, particularly if you haven't seen this style of lock before. I bet there are things in your country that are obvious to you, but which I would have no idea what they are :-)

Fonts from Barcelona, Spain

An athletics track filled with hurdles that athletes must jump! The first effect has been! A great composition well seen and a good final work! Best regards, Adela

25 Jul 2010 7:16am

@Fonts: Hah!A hurdle track for giants with a built in water hazard! I hadn't seen that :-) Big smile

Richard from Duns, United Kingdom

Great shot!

25 Jul 2010 7:17am

@Richard: Thankyou, sir

Nigel from Avening, United Kingdom

Until I looked closely I didn't realise that you'd caught them in use ------I reckon there are at least 3 in use....... Well spotted.

25 Jul 2010 7:17am

@Nigel: I spoke to one of the top lady an the right . Due to a cock-up, they had been stuck in the ladder for over a day, and she was constantly mumbling under her breath things like "Need to get back to work on Monday","Disaster","It might look pretty, but why don't they grease the hinges" Not quite the relaxing weekends narrow boating that she was hoping for!

kiwisa from North Shore, New Zealand

A great visual on the locks - it is a very clever invention. It's a great view to see them disappear into the distance.

25 Jul 2010 7:24am

@kiwisa: The engineer, John Rennie, was one of the most innovative water engineers of all time, but I can imagine the planning team saying"Nice idea, sir, but it will never work" But it did. Thanks for your comment

k@ from Paris, France

Never saw such a thing - impressive scene & image for sure !
(your signature right in the middle prevents us to enjoy the scene utterly)

25 Jul 2010 8:06am

@k@: Oops, I hadn't noticed that. Give me 5 mins, and I'll fix it. Thankyou

Ted from South Wales, United Kingdom

back breaking as well as slow no doubt?
Nice DOF.

25 Jul 2010 8:07am

@Ted: Very tiring, but there's a 20 minute gap whilst the lock fills before you do the next one, so a bit of a breather

k@ from Paris, France

You know what ? It's just perfect to be able to enjoy your surprising image entirely now :) The perspective is free for our eyes to enjoy. Many thanks for understanding*

25 Jul 2010 8:38am

@k@: Thankyou k@, and thanks for pointing out the error. It does look a whole lot better without words all over it!

The Mouse from Glasgow, United Kingdom

Is that the a tiny mitchelin man at the second lock? Shot, celliotec sir.

25 Jul 2010 9:15am

@The Mouse: Too many pork pies.....

grouser from Ludlow, United Kingdom

That's an excellent shot and background information, though I'm not quite comfortable with the concept that the locks make the water go up hill :) That would defy the laws of gravity :0

25 Jul 2010 10:06am

@grouser: That's the trouble with quick explanations. Although, to be a pedant, some of the original water taken in when the boat is at the bottom, which is then augmented as the lock fills to the next level(and so on up), will remain, and will go upwards to the top. But it will be a vanishingly small amount by the top. So we're both right-phew!

Bruce EIFFEL from Lyon, France

Very beautiful photo! I like!
Best regards

25 Jul 2010 12:13pm

@Bruce EIFFEL: Thankyou. I have looked at your blog, and there are some stunning images on it!. Well done!. But I can't find a place to comment, so, I'm afraid, this will have to do

MARIANA from Waterloo, Canada

Very interesting and impressive stuff . Cool shot .

25 Jul 2010 2:14pm

@MARIANA: Appreciate your comments. Thanks

Phil David Alexander Morris from Canada

This is just wonderful, I was looking at it with interest for a while before I
guessed and then looked at your great description. It sure would get a lot
of traffic as people want to play with it. I imagine there must be some sort
of walkway so people could traverse. Wonderful photograph and beautiful
scenery, especially with the fog up the hill.

25 Jul 2010 3:07pm

@Phil David Alexander Morris: Yep it was a misty morning. Sometimes you can't plan things, but someone smiles on you

CATCHLIGHT from Reading, United Kingdom

Fine shot Mr E

25 Jul 2010 6:22pm

@CATCHLIGHT: ...and see your backing kicking arse! Good man!

Becky from los angeles, United States

Oh my god! Who would have thought? This is great. Love this shot!

25 Jul 2010 6:49pm

@Becky: Thankyou

Philip from South Wales, United Kingdom

Wow what a photo! Amazing. I know 6 hours is a long time but perversly I would really like to navigate it. Do you get a prize at the end?

25 Jul 2010 8:06pm

Philip from South Wales, United Kingdom

I hope and pray that there is a pub at the end of these locks. Now that would be my prize.

25 Jul 2010 8:06pm

@Philip: HaHA a man after my own heart! This is on the Kennet and Avon canal.....there's a pub every mile!

Michael from Chester, United Kingdom

Mist, a house set up on the hillside, and the compressed view of all those locks, surely worth 5 stars....? Yes it is.

25 Jul 2010 11:41pm

@Michael: Thankyou!! :-)

Joan Felix from Jakarta, Indonesia

Great shot

26 Jul 2010 1:26pm

@Joan Felix: Thanks